Wave of Birdsong by Samara Jade

Samara Jade is a modern folk troubadour and musical seamstress who stitches together a unique tapestry of sounds with intricate guitar playing and an acrobatically emotive voice. Weaving diverse musical strands colored by folk, jazz, blues, world-fusion and even Broadway musicals, Samara’s songs cut through truth, open hearts, stimulate minds, and perhaps best fall into the nutshell of a fan-coined genre: "Philosopholk." Inspired deeply by the brave spelunking into the depths of the human psyche and listening sharply to and appreciating the wonders of the natural world, Samara’s music comes from the place where her soul meets the soul of the earth. Bird language, fermentation, natural burials, heart-break - who can broach such a vast array of quirky yet relevant subjects wrapped in a bundle of personal narrative, expressive delivery and musical expertise but Samara Jade? Leave it to Samara to slyly pick up a thread of an interesting conversation and come back an hour later saying "I have a song" - and likely it's one that gets you dancing, laughing, crying, singing along - perhaps all at the same time. Truly musical medicine for the times we’re in, Samara’s songs cry out the personal and cultural longing for belonging - to each other, to our souls own path, and to the natural world. Just like a samara (the winged seed pod of maples trees) itself, Samara Jade envisions that the wings of these songs will carry them upon the breeze until they land where they are most needed to be planted, for the sake of cultural reforestation!

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