Roam by Akal Dub feat. Lexington Keyz & Wild Tide

Bradley Senstock was born in Misawa, Japan and considered a military brat for moving almost every three years with little time to root into any one place. This blessing in disguise has helped curate his sound into something wonderful, beautiful, inspiring and definitely fresh. He spent the last 15 years of his life studying music every day and crystallizing the art he feels deep in his heart. In addition to teaching Recording Engineering at the Arts Institute of North Hollywood CA, Bradley has ten years of drumming under his belt, five years playing the flute and seven years playing guitar. As a multi-instrumentalist, he paints with an eclectic pallet of sweet bass tones that compliment the lush nature of his music and live additional elements of guitar, drums, percussion, and extreme programming. He pushes the boundaries of artists today in terms of the capacity of what is possible to create within a time frame. Projects, artists, and companies that Brad has worked with include Gramoscope Music, Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda, Shamans Dream, Desert Dwellers, The Used, The Cab, Pierce the Veil, King Felix, Hanna Winters, Slenderbodies, James Kapicka, Krista Hagman, Beloved Festival, Oregon Eclipse Festival, Yogi Tunes, The Arts Institute, Lightning in a Bottle, Green Mary, Maker-Faire, Howl Halloween and EDM Identity.

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