Fable by Melas Leukos

Nomadic and adventurous, Melas Leukos has most recently settled in the mystical confines of Santa Fe, NM; she howls a different blues, already a troubadour of many moons. Therein lies a tangible wisdom embedded within Fable that certainly belies her youth. This ebullient six-song set finds a weathered-yet-hopeful woman seeking deeper understandings of her surroundings. She is a songstress weaving stories that enrapture, each track trying to make some sense of a world that places priority on the material and meaningless. This album finds Melas Leukos strikingly comfortable examining her own mortality, fleshing out intensely personal themes of love, awakening, and self-awareness, juxtaposed with notions of separation, fear, isolation, and death.

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